1997 - until now:


1997 was a turning point, in consultation with the Ministry of National Defense, The heir of the colors and traditions became the property of the 12th Podolian Lancers Reconnaissance Battalion in Szczecin, Poland.

The 12th Lancers also received permission to place the Virtuti Military Order of War on their banner. The Regimental Archive, the Traditional hall and the Soldiers Club is located at the base of the 12th Lancers Reconnaissance Battalion. 


Consent to use the colors and traditions or the 12th Lancers was given to the 12th Podolian Lancers Cavalry Club, and to the Scouts team. In 2004, Members of the WWII Polish Army Historical Association also received permission from the President of the Club, and from the Battalion Commander, who was visiting us in Chicago. 



















Present day soldiers of the 12th Podolian Lancers Reconnaissance Battalion participated in the Polish  mission in Iraq were since 2003 and additional missions in Afganistan as well.



This information was gathered from the 12 Podolian Regiment Calvary Club in Szczecin, Poland website.